What's on

Find out what’s on, mainly through the Facebook.

We do regular livestreams and there are lots of previous livestreams on our Facebook page. We regularly livestream Midday Prayers (Mondays, Wednesday, Friday) and the occasional Sunday. Scroll down for a link to this (and Neil's random Twitter).

Our Youtube channel has playlists of some of our talks, music and other stuff to do with us. Have a rummage!

What we do

We are a church community, or family.

We do some of the regular churchy stuff, such as,  we meet on Sundays for worship and prayer, small groups to talk and pray, we spend time together whenever we can, share bread and wine regularly. We are very involved in our community life and we have seasonal events through the year. Are like to explore real life spirituality, look for details of concerts, SHEDtalks, special events that push the edges and go outside the usual church activities. We also think God is quite nice, we think this because we know what Jesus was like. You will find challenge and calling here, but not much condemnation or judgement  (if you want that, try elsewhere).

Look at the photo album to see the kind of things we do.

Four Symbols Logo - Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church
Easter breakfast - Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church
Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church Maundy Thursday
Christmas concert- Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church
Forest church - Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church
Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church days together
Christmas at Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church
Our Sundays mornings follow a fourfold rhythm through the month (usually), starting at 11:00. The month is a mix of family time and conversation, prayer, liturgy and teaching, with a different emphasis each week.

The Gathering

1st Sunday

An informal morning with contemporary worship, discussion, space to hang around, coffee and the morning papers.

Prayer Sunday

2nd Sunday
An emphasis on prayer and reflection, often using prayer approaches such as Lectio Divine or the Examen. The music tends to be quieter using Taize and similar scripture based songs.

Sacred Space

3rd Sunday
Using songs and words from the Celtic stream of spirituality, we also share bread and wine.

Growing Sunday

4th Sunday
With an emphasis on teaching, this Sunday is ‘traditional Baptist’ with old school hymns, prayers and a ‘proper’ sermon!